I don't pander for admiration I'm just me


University At Albany,SUNY

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upcoming marvel movies

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When I see a thick woman

What goes on in my head :The heavens must be in turmoil for they have lost an angel to the world of man. Your body is nothing short of the result of immaculate genes and impeccable design. The way your body moves reminds me of a coy pond; moving ever gracefully in a fluid motion. Truly you have been blessed by some deity for your posterior is positively astounding. Such an ample amount of perfection laid perfectly on the body of goddess, even Venus herself would be re-missed not to recognize your temple as better than hers.
What comes out:" Damn she got asssss thooo"



This is why I am unable to be a vet


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LMAO these are all so accurate. 


Omg I love these! Haha

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